This section features Computing for the following groups of people, “the terrified”, the people who “want more understanding and knowledge but don’t have a pc”. Those who want to be able to understand social media and how to make a CV, and finally those who wish to do more, like programming, modeling and understanding more advanced software

So for the terrified we have:

  • What is a computer and what can it do for me (email, letter writing, basics of social media)
  • Work Related: How to use the internet, write a better CV
  • Understanding Privacy on the internet and how to protect yourself

For those wanting more understanding we have:

  • Understanding Office packages, and how to use them
  • Internet and PC security
  • Which platform is right for me: Apple, Windows, Linyx the benefits of each system
  • Making the most out of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more)
  • Micro format PC’s: Raspberry Pi, Beagle Dogbone and more

Then we have the more advanced stuff that deals with

  • Programming HTML
  • Programming Perl/Python
  • Software Control
  • Hardware Control