Please Help


This is our big askĀ for help and support.

Three Towns is an area with high unemployment and very high levels of poverty. In fact one of the key areas that the council is trying to address is depression and suicide in men. We have a much higher than average rate of suicides due to people not getting either the right support or possibly any kind of support. That does not mean we are ruling out children or women either, we just want to support everyone to the best of our ability.

Any big industry that has been in the area long since disappeared. In fact if you don’t work for the council the next biggest employers are care in the community providers and care homes. With no such industry to employ the community a lot of talent is going to waste. Not because of laziness but because its un-affordable to do anything about it.

This group was set up initially to get people talking and feeling positive that they can make a difference to others. But with the right support we can make a difference to the community. Many rely on mobile phones for internet if they have access at all, and don’t know how things like spreadsheets and word-processors work, we hope to have the facilities to offer people the chance to learn these things but also to learn more than that too.

On top of that the last thing these people need is someone that has never in their lives been like them teaching them how to do things, we aim at training our students to become our mentors of the future, giving them pride and the ability to show what they are made of.

So what do we need:

We are looking for funding to make all this happen, so if you can write grant application letters or know someone who would be interested enough to help with even a small donation of their time or sponsorship. But also materials to help out with our projects, people with expertise and time to come and share that with us. Or just your time to come and join us as a member.

In the near future we will create a page shortly that shows our sponsors, and those that have helped along the way.