About The Group


Technology is a scary word. To different people it means different things, and to learn about those things you have to either go to college or university or read lots of books right? No you have use of technology everyday even if your unaware of it. We are looking for people who have some skills but wish to enhance those skills and learn new ones, whilst hopefully showing others what they know in the process.


Three Towns is listed in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation as being within the 5% most deprived areas in Scotland (with a maximum of 20%). Suicide in Males between 18 and 55 are massively over the national average as are self harm and substance abuse,

Aims and Objectives:

Our aim is to provide a free service supporting the local community offering class based learning on the following subjects:

  1. Understanding Smartphones, tablets, Using Computers
  2. feeling comfortable using the Internet (browser, email)
  3. How to stay Safe on the Internet
    • understanding the needs for security
    • understanding what are scams and how they prey on you
    • Using multiple complex passwords etc
    • Understanding parental controls and how to set them up
  4. Using Search Engines – Google and Beyond
  5. Using a word processor, spread sheet
  6. Creating and updating a C.V. (and the importance of)
  7. Using Job websites

Beyond these basics we are looking to extend the knowledge of people with the interests below, hoping to:

a) keep them busy

b) keep them learning something new

c) giving free internet access.

This site is for anyone in the Three towns area of North Ayrshire, in Scotland interested in* the following subjects:

  • Amateur Radio / Antenna Design
  • Building and Construction / balloon building
  • Citizen Band Radio, Computing
  • Developing Communications Skills
  • Electronics / Engineering
  • Freecycling and up-cycling
  • Giving support to others
  • Helping others
  • Internet development and understanding, Internet Of Things
  • Job prospect enhancement
  • Knowledge
  • Learning about other interests
  • Multimedia (internet/video/voice)
  • Networking
  • Optical engineering
  • Printing inc 3d
  • Q
  • Remote control / rocketry
  • Studying to improve / satellite design
  • Telemetry
  • Understanding needs and helping others
  • Voice and communication
  • Weather stations
  • Xray and microwave technology
  • Your hobbies/career
  • Z

“We could be defined as a Maker-space/Hacker-space or technology consortium.”


  • There is no membership fee, or other financial commitment to the group

What this space is is a space for people of different interests to come together and work together on new projects of interest, it is completely group led so your idea could be the next project.

*But not exclusive to.